from by Stag Hare



there is a place
where all of the people
going to and they gonna die
they lay themselves
in an all black coffin
and float away away away
like the crows
that caw at my window
like the feathers that they drop at my door
i wake me up
and i often wander
walking down to the river bank shore

i look for her by the banks of that river
among the rocks and the moss and the fern
i hear her voice on the sunshine whispers
but i see not her fairy winged form
yes, im in love with a witch from the meadow
like a star that has fallen in the night
like the wind in the treetop rustle
but i just find her shadow


i sit me down in the dirt by the water
i place my hand in its delicate stream
the waters cold and the ripples that shimmer
calling forth
so what does it mean?
is it me??


from Velvet and Bone, released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Stag Hare Utah


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