Velvet and Bone

by Stag Hare




Velvet and Bone is structured as a gothic fable.
It is about the act of self reflection through
knowing another.
It is about seeing the shadow and knowing the shadow.
It is about seeing death and knowing death.
It is about bones, and the way they are shaped
by the tensions put on them by various
opposing muscles.
and as such can be seen as "holograms of consciousness."
It is about the swamps of depression.
It is about love in its most tragic and therefore
most beautiful form.

Velvet and Bone includes materials written over many years,
dating back as far as 2010 and started as an
attempt to finally make recorded versions of some
lyrical material I had written over the years.
I was in school studying bodywork and energy work
and discovering a whole new side of life,
the physical side, the flesh and bone side,
and the accompanying realization that my interest
in the metaphysical and the spiritual had bypassed,
ironically, perhaps a missing link in my exploration.
I had somehow ignored or been hiding
from the world of the physical,
and the importance of personal connection to our
three dimensional vessels. Experiencing
the very real and very tangible power of touch,
of intention with touch, and the emotional unraveling
that I personallly needed to undertake in order
to find my body.
I won't say that I have found it at this point,
but I know now that I am at least on the journey
to retreiving that lost connection,
and that I can percieve the reflection playing out
in that other realm,
in something like a parallel and opposite action.
As I reach you I can reach me.

-Willow Skye Biggs
September 27 2016


released October 16, 2016

Music written between 2010-2016.
Performed, recorded, and mixed by Stag Hare
from October 2015 to September 2016.
Layout and mastering by Sean Conrad.
Pattern behind skull by Sanya Pijama.
Cassette released on Inner Islands October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Stag Hare Utah


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Track Name: Mirror
you are resounding thunder
you are waterfalls
you are crystal
as a dream
in blankets of stargazers
you will never know
you are acres of blackberrys
just wants to grow

wants to grow
wants to grow
wants to grow
wants to grow

you are wind in autumn
you are the sea with fog
you are anciently growing
you are blue feather in the sun
dolphins moonlit
thien liesson
you are a thousand years
in past and future
ghost avalon

wants to grow
wants to grow
wants to grow
wants to grow
Track Name: Shadow
there is a place
where all of the people
going to and they gonna die
they lay themselves
in an all black coffin
and float away away away
like the crows
that caw at my window
like the feathers that they drop at my door
i wake me up
and i often wander
walking down to the river bank shore

i look for her by the banks of that river
among the rocks and the moss and the fern
i hear her voice on the sunshine whispers
but i see not her fairy winged form
yes, im in love with a witch from the meadow
like a star that has fallen in the night
like the wind in the treetop rustle
but i just find her shadow


i sit me down in the dirt by the water
i place my hand in its delicate stream
the waters cold and the ripples that shimmer
calling forth
so what does it mean?
is it me??
Track Name: Moonlit
in the distant light of moonshine
the waves that come
get so stoned and then I see you
you are glowing
you are driftwood
in you I see the wolf so silent
and around you clouds drifting
you were anciently a river
you are now flowing towards the sea

on the road to josaleighs
in her canyon by the sea
just on the road to josaleighs

in a world different than this one
I can see you here with me
though in the mountains and the forests
I know that you must now be
I will see you in the morning
you are a star inside my heart
on the wind I can hear you breathing
you are the dreamer and the call

on the road.....

in the past a lonesome drifter
but the dragons now unfurled
on a trail where once I knew you
I'll steal your hourse your crown your pearls
on the run got to travel lightly
and the wind is at my back
and the stars they shine down on me
and I'm never looking back