Spirit Canoes

by Stag Hare



Recorded in Portland Oregon throughout 2011 in a space near the Willamette river. Four pieces telling a cyclical story, each piece inspired in part by the four directions and the four seasons. Structurally informed/inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. An investigation into the subtle layers of self and a journey into new worlds, passing through varying landscapes and moods, only to wind up back where we started. Water, wood, moss, love, sorrow, despair. A pagan offering. A practice in self taught witchcraft. Being followed by the raven.


released August 13, 2011



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Stag Hare Utah


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Track Name: To Coyoto to to Hop
fence post lost
ya I'll get on
feet talk to the ground
yes on that trail
and forever there
going home

I never knew
how lost I could be
I never knew
that these eyes could see

look now and see
new light bringings
look now and see
new light bringings
Track Name: Lavender Ravens Tears
some roads may pass
through sorrow or fear
some roads may roll down
through despair
but I see my light
when I feel Her
in the dirt
in the land
in the wind
in the air

I see you Mara
and you shine like a stone
and do not feel that
you do not have a home
for your lifetime is real
and theres nowhere to go
yes your lifetime is real
and theres nowhere to go