from by Stag Hare



in the distant light of moonshine
the waves that come
get so stoned and then I see you
you are glowing
you are driftwood
in you I see the wolf so silent
and around you clouds drifting
you were anciently a river
you are now flowing towards the sea

on the road to josaleighs
in her canyon by the sea
just on the road to josaleighs

in a world different than this one
I can see you here with me
though in the mountains and the forests
I know that you must now be
I will see you in the morning
you are a star inside my heart
on the wind I can hear you breathing
you are the dreamer and the call

on the road.....

in the past a lonesome drifter
but the dragons now unfurled
on a trail where once I knew you
I'll steal your hourse your crown your pearls
on the run got to travel lightly
and the wind is at my back
and the stars they shine down on me
and I'm never looking back


from Velvet and Bone, released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Stag Hare Utah


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